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TRAWIN was born out of a desire to care for Miriam, Michael & Linda's daughter, who was "stuck" in Africa during a years long government shut down of adoptions. After her first visit to the Congo, Linda and her husband decided that the Lord had an even bigger plan - to come alongside Miriam's orphanage of Center Emmanuel ("CE") located in Kinshasa, DRC's capital city. During and after the shut down, Michael, Linda, other adoptive families, and friends of CE came together to support struggling families and secure stability for the remaining orphans by assisting with monthly food, healthcare, housing needs. We have also worked with CE's local tribe members to develop self-sustainable projects such as a bakery, moto taxis, and pig farming to offset their need for outside support, and have partnered with other strategic local tribe members at Dinanga dia Buwetu ("DDB")in Kananga, DRC.

In light of the challenges presented during the Covid Pandemic, TRAWIN realized a need to expand our network to sustain our impact. In 2021 the TRAWIN Tribe was born to do just that. The Tribe will collectively continue to fulfill TRAWIN's initial desire to support CE, and to extend support to DDB and other local partners serving vulnerable children in hard places.

Our Actions with the Tribes Support


We connect our global Tribe with trusted, local partners that are actively serving vulnerable children, often at great personal expense. This global + local connection unleashes love and care for vulnerable kids in hard places.

MONTHLY provisions

We’re providing orphanages and at-risk families with monthly food, rent, medical care & education to stabilize the basic needs of children so they can survive and thrive!

Sustainability Projects

We undertake strategic projects to increase security by cost reduction, income production, and infrastructure improvement

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